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📖 You Can Reverse Your Age: Myth or Fact?

I have been thinking about how people are always searching for the fountain of youth. When I say fountain of youth, I only mean that we are searching for a way to slow down or even stop the effects of aging. We don’t mind the wisdom that comes with age, but why does it have to come with aches, pains and memory loss? Is there really a way to reverse our age?

What do you consider to be “healthy” foods? Foods labeled healthy by most peoples standard are the ones that have the fewest or least manipulated ingredients and the most nutrients and vitamins. We know that if we are injured, with time and proper medicine, the body repairs and regrows itself in some instances. I know you know how important diet is. I won’t go on about it but I do want to ask you if you have thought about your diet in terms of cellular rejuvenation? The mantra of ‘You are what you eat’ has to actually mean something besides if you eat junk food, you’ll get fat. If we consider what “healthy” foods are, the benefits to the body, the different nutrients, the way our body functions and yes, the fact that if we eat junk food, we will get fat, you must consider that unhealthy food can rob us of our youth.

In case there is any doubt, think about people when they detox. Consistently, they say that they lost weight, have increased energy, sleep better, among many other benefits. Those benefits, many will tell you, help you feel better and perform better - perhaps even feel like a younger person. Isn’t there a mantra about being only as old as you feel? Okay, so when we eat, we nourish or poison our body. As a result, we routinely detox to reset and help us feel better. Rejuvenate those cells and restore our bodies to a better state.

Now that we’re feeling better, we may start exercising more or finding ourselves more consistent in our workouts. The doctor is probably going to be ecstatic and say that our heart, lungs and body are grateful and we are extending our life with our great habit of exercising. I know I am not the only one pleased when I see a person on social media share how they were in their 60’s when they started thinking about making a change in their health and now they are in their 70’s and feel like they’ve regained their youth. They share photos of themselves before and after. Now they are in the gym lifting weights, running on the beach, eating healthy meals with friends and family, really enjoying their life. Perhaps more than they did when they were younger and not living such a healthy lifestyle.

With all the physical benefits of eating healthy and exercising regularly I imagine our self talk could start to change. At some point our focus should include encouraging ourselves more than beating ourselves up because of our consistency is giving us results in different areas of our lives. Speaking positive to ourselves allows us to feel better and treat others better as well. A smile gives us a youthful appearance and light heart. Sometimes it’s a little harder to stop beating yourself up. I understand. I am a firm believer in spending time saying, listening to and recognizing affirmations. I believe the habit of speaking life over yourself and your circumstances is rejuvenating. Energizing. Encouraging. Speaking affirmations is an important habit. I will say that I am convinced the more we speak life over our lives, we rise to a higher vibration. There is strong science to the discussion of music frequencies affecting our DNA cells. If music can elevate us to a higher frequency and assist in our body operating at it’s optimal level, I say let your words to yourself be music that elevates you and assist in your healthy cell production.

One last thought about mental elevation. Reading. If you look up all the world’s most successful people from all around the world, they have reading in common. Reading is a great way to enhance your life. It can expand your education, take you on trips around the world and beyond, relieve stress and put you to sleep. I highly recommend reading a book a month. This challenges you to make yourself a priority. Spend time elevating and rejuvenating your mind while enjoying a good book. Audio books are acceptable but my personal favorite will always be the physical books with the new book smell. Right now for example, I am reading “The Artist’s Way” by Julia Cameron.

I love holding the book in my hands, putting in a book mark and carrying it with me everywhere I go to read at a moments notice, no batteries required.

BTW, I am starting a book club of sorts in the garden of this website. If you are interested in joining in, please head over and let’s read together. For the month of November, I will be reading something new!

Looking back, there is definitely an evolution of youth in this post. It begins with a more nutritious diet. It leads to increased energy, improved mindset and better habits. The quality of your life improves. Do you feel like you’ve regained your youth? Congratulations, you have.

If you are interested in discussing alternative options to reversing your age through health and wellness, message me. I would love to introduce you to the newest technology in age reversal. It’s like acupuncture without the needles that makes your body activate it’s stem cell production again. Watch this informational video below and message me today!

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📗 About D Goosby of JDs Organic Productions

🌺My Story... The Journey Continues🌺

D Goosby of JD's Organic Productions, I am a wife and a mom to 8 beautiful kids including 2 sets of twins. At one point, I weighed close to 300 lbs and then lost half of it just to put most of it back on. Eventually I got tired of the yo-yo. I learned some hidden truths about our food system and decided to get educated to make lasting changes. I am a certified personal trainer, and currently studying to become a nutrition and behavior modification coach as well as a peristeam practitioner. I realize that I am not alone in wanting to make healthy lifestyle changes but many of us are lacking the knowledge to make anything permanent.

That is where I can help. I help busy moms like myself, get back to where they feel good again, they look the way they want to look and they get to be a healthy role model for their families and friends.