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What 6 Foods Burn Fat Best?

Updated: Aug 18, 2020

The beauty of our body is that it really can help heal itself, if we give it the right tools. That is where food comes in, food can be one of the most useful tools we have; in fact some doctors swear by food as a cure for major health issues.  So you must be wondering, which food does what and how much do I need to eat?

First, let’s be clear, I am not a doctor or anything along those lines. I am a mom, a woman who wanted to lose a LOT of weight, KEEP IT OFF and actually be healthier after.  I am sharing what I have learned and personally experienced.  I might also throw in a story from a friend who shared their PERSONAL experience.  Other than that, I recommend always speaking with a professional about your own goals and action steps. If I can help, thank you for letting me help you  but I accept no responsibility for you or your actions, outcome or misperceptions of what I say or did or do in the future. Ok, so that out of the way…


Right before I got pregnant with my first set of twins, I tried a cleanse that everyone at my church was doing.  (Funny, all the best cleanses have come from the women at my churches)  The cleanse came from a book by Dr. Ann Louise Gittleman called, The Fat Flush.  Let me tell you, this is by no means a simple little cleanse.  For me, it was an intense, action filled program and I struggled to get through it.  I did complete most of it, it’s been a while now, I don’t remember well; what I do remember is that I got pregnant with twins after that and I always believed it was because the cleanse put my body back on the healthy track.

So, why the back story? Well, I want to share some of the things I learned from the Fat Flush and I have found to be consistent with the healthy eating habits I continue to learn about. In The Fat Flush, Dr. Gittleman puts foods into 6 basic categories to help understand how they help the body with weight management.

  1. Blood sugar stabilizer

  2. Cholesterol zapper

  3. Detoxifier

  4. Diuretic

  5. Energizer

  6. Thermogenic

Blood sugar stabilizers like flax seeds, salmon, broccoli, apples and cinnamon are helpful to curb your appetite.

Cholesterol zappers like berries are allies in assisting your body with good and bad cholesterol regulation. Ooo, I just flashed an image of a fresh salmon and kale salad sprinkled with berries! Doesn’t that just sound fabulous?!

Detoxifiers do just that, help detoxify our bodies. Cranberries, garlic, and asparagus are great for detoxing and simple to add to a regular diet.

Diuretics are foods that help to eliminate water weight like cucumbers and fennel. The beautiful thing about cucumbers to me, especially during my transformation, is that I can eat them unlimitedly.

Energizers I learned are fatigue fighting and help to ward off stress as Dr. Gittleman put it. Eggs and tomatoes are energizers.  Yogurt is also an energizer which makes it the perfect mid morning pick me snack.

Thermogenics are the foods that help you burn the fat on the inside, I imagine one of those old school standing ovens with a long chimney pipe used to warm the living room. cloves, dried mustard and cinnamon are great for turning up that internal thermostat.

I like knowing these things about food because I feel like it helps me plan meals and be a little more bold with my spice choices. I will easily throw cinnamon in almost ANYTHING just for a kick and because I know it’s helping me keep my sugar levels normal. I don’t know what the latest statistics are, but I know there are a lot of people with diabetes in Hawaii and I don’t want to be one of them.  Little choices like this are beneficial to our lives and will help us make the next healthy decision for ourselves.  I believe we all can be successful in living healthy lifestyles if we understand what our food does for us and how to maximize the benefits.

I highly recommend reading The Fat Flush Plan to learn more about the way food works for you…

Dave Sandoval has written a highly regarded “Green Foods Bible” that is a great book to keep handy and refer back to… I keep mine in the kitchen next to my Joy of Cooking cookbook… Perhaps we will read some of these classics together soon on YouTube! 😉


📗 About D Goosby of JDs Organic Productions

🌺My Story... The Journey Continues🌺

D Goosby of JD's Organic Productions is a wife and a mom to 8 beautiful kids including 2 sets of twins. At one point, she weighed close to 300 lbs and then lost half of it just to put most of it back on. D eventually got tired of the yo-yo. She learned some hidden truths about our food system and decided to get educated and make lasting changes. D studied to become a certified personal trainer, nutrition coach, and peristeam practitioner because she realized that she was not alone in wanting to make healthy lifestyle changes but lacking the knowledge to make anything permanent.

That is what D does today, she helps busy moms like herself, get back to where they feel good again, they look the way they want to look and they get to be a healthy role model for their families and friends.

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