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๐Ÿ“– UNBOXING Pure Romance

Recently my daughter's, God-mothers daughter sent me a Facebook group invitation for an online Pure Romance party. I had not ever heard of Pure Romance so I was interested in learning more and of course, I will always try to support a friend in their journey towards entrepreneurship.

I was pleasantly surprised at the fun items they have. The company basically sells items for adults. There are lotions, potions, creams, and more. Toys, accessories, outfits, and a SWING! Soooooo you know I had to look more into things. I decided to order a prepackaged deal they had and in the video, I show all the goodies that came in the order. No, the swing is not in the order because it is OUT OF STOCK!!! ugh! I was big mad, but that's ok. I AM on the waiting list. Enjoy the video and of course, feel free to head over to the community forum to ask questions or just discuss what you see.

๐Ÿ“บ UNBOXING Pure Romance

๐Ÿ“— About D Goosby of JDs Organic Productions

๐ŸŒบMy Story... The Journey Continues๐ŸŒบ

D Goosby of JD's Organic Productions is a wife and a mom to 8 beautiful kids including 2 sets of twins. At one point, she weighed close to 300 lbs and then lost half of it just to put most of it back on. D eventually got tired of the yo-yo. She learned some hidden truths about our food system and decided to get educated and make lasting changes. D studied to become a certified personal trainer, nutrition coach, and peristeam practitioner because she realized that she was not alone in wanting to make healthy lifestyle changes but lacking the knowledge to make anything permanent.

That is what D does today, she helps busy moms like herself, get back to where they feel good again, they look the way they want to look and they get to be a healthy role model for their families and friends.

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