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Let's do this! Together!

Updated: Oct 29, 2020

I am by nature a person who enjoys being alone and observant but I have learned that sometimes, many things are more successful when shared with a friend. For example, have you ever tried to ride a teeter-totter alone? Really is not the funnest experience right?

I have also had the lovely experience of being the only one in my very large family to want to eat clean and plant-based. I don't mind it so much anymore, but in the beginning, it was so hard and I felt really discouraged often. I found comfort in social posts, informational blogs, and youtube videos of people who also felt like I did and were pursuing the same choices I was making. I wish I could say that it was enough and through those early years, I never felt defeated and like quitting but I can't. There are still days when I wish certain foods were not so toxic or deadly so I can just eat what others are eating. Then I remember what is actually happening inside my body when I just eat what others are eating and I can't do it.

Why am I telling you this? Simply put, I don't want you to feel the way I felt, and if you already do, I understand completely!

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