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Day 2 of 10 – Water Fast Reboot

Updated: Aug 18, 2020

It’s almost 9pm and I decided that it is in my best interest to go to bed earlier tonight than last night. Today was another crap day. I had 1 piece of candy and 2 corn tortilla chips. If I were being harder on myself I would say “What is the point of doing a water fast if I am just gonna put whatever the hell in my mouth?!” Instead, I will recognize that I did not properly prepare my mind for this fast.

That is a HUGE part of fasting in my opinion. My body can handle not eating much easier than my mind. Part of the challenge I am having is that I smell things and that makes me want to eat. My first fast was a part of a class that I paid to attend at the university and that helped me to feel accountable to sticking to it. Then, as my body began to detox, I was amazed at all the changes it went through and decided to go for longer than the class. The longer I fasted, the more detox symptoms occurred and I discovered, I had no idea when to stop because I really wanted to be “clean” inside so I prayed and my simple 3-day fast turned into a 10-day and then a 14-day and finally a 40-day fast. I am also reminded that I did fail several times at first, eating and then restarting because I didn’t do it perfectly. That is one of my biggest faults… I am a perfectionist when it comes to myself and when I don’t live up to my own unrealistic expectations, I get disappointed and upset with myself. I am learning that the grace I offer others, I need to offer myself which is why this time, despite the candy pieces, I am not restarting. I am going to keep moving forward and do better tomorrow.

As far as energy has been, I have just kinda laid around all day. I wanted to take a nap but didn’t seem to find my way to sleep. I tried to be productive by planning out Instagram posts for next month, but photo import issues quickly demotivated me and I have yet to finish that task. My temper has flared but I have managed to keep that in check. I recognize that my attitude is the only thing that I can control and I know not eating can cause emotional reactions that normally may not happen so I am consciously attempting to think positive and respectful thoughts when I am feeling annoyed by some outside influence. I have been trying this technique of just removing a person or situation from my mind when I feel like that is the reason I am succumbing to a bad attitude. I am not going to say that is the healthiest way to handle frustrations, but it is keeping the peace and that is my goal. Jeez, that was A LOT about my attitude. hmmm…

Tomorrow is going to be a challenge because there is a party at the club I paddle with. The season is over and the last event is state championships in two weeks.  Every year the club throws a huge party with dancing, skits, and food galore.  Usually, I can only eat so much of the food anyway because there’s usually loads of meat and breadstuff, but this year will be especially challenging because I won’t be eating ANY of the food and I will be on day 3 of the fast so my energy levels may dip even more.  I know water is going to be my best friend during the event so that I don’t have a headache or feel otherwise ill.  Sometimes I wonder why I do these things to myself, but it is all for a good cause. I NEED to detox my system and quickly because school is starting soon and I’ve learned it is easier to fast when I don’t have to go to work daily.

On a high note, I believe my skin is already beginning to calm down. I have seen less white dry spots on my face and my tummy is feeling less bloated. I am taking the fiber still but it is recommended to take before bed and of course, I think of it when I first wake up… maybe I will double up today and take it tonight and then stick with the recommended schedule. I also bought some BCAA’s (branch chain amino acids) because I don’t want to lose what muscle I have during these 10-days especially if I am not going to be working out at all. I am thinking around day 5 I will begin doing yoga again to assist my body in detoxing. I really do love yoga and how peaceful I feel when I practice regularly. I want to be more on purpose with meditating also but too much at one time and I might end up not doing anything so I am gonna take it easy.

Well, that’s it for day 2. Thanks for joining me on this journey and I hope that what I share helps you, should you try a fast for the first time, to be patient and loving to yourself because it is a journey. See you tomorrow friends!

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D Goosby of JD's Organic Productions is a wife and a mom to 8 beautiful kids including 2 sets of twins. At one point, she weighed close to 300 lbs and then lost half of it just to put most of it back on. D eventually got tired of the yo-yo. She learned some hidden truths about our food system and decided to get educated and make lasting changes. D studied to become a certified personal trainer, nutrition coach, and peristeam practitioner because she realized that she was not alone in wanting to make healthy lifestyle changes but lacking the knowledge to make anything permanent.

That is what D does today, she helps busy moms like herself, get back to where they feel good again, they look the way they want to look and they get to be a healthy role model for their families and friends.

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