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I believe the function of the body is improved through regular exercise and proper nutrition.
Fitness is about more than just looking toned and feeling good.  It's about being able to do the everyday activities of life efficiently without physical compensations and pain.
An integrated exercise program that focuses on flexibility, increasing strength and endurance, and training in different types of environments is the approach I use with clients to build healthy bodies that are not limited in daily life activities.  
I share my recommendations for health supplements and more below in blue.


Senior Physiotherapy

Stabilization Endurace

With proper stabilization, our body is basically maintaining correct posture during all movements; getting the right muscles to fire, with the right amount of force, in the proper plane of motion, and at the right time. 

The goals of stabilization endurance include: improved muscular endurance, enhanced joint stability, increased flexibility, enhanced control of your posture, and improved neuromuscular efficiency (coordination).

We achieve this through training in proprioceptively enriched environments with low weight and higher repetitions.


Woman Lifting Weights

Strength Endurance and Hypertrophy

The goals of strength endurance are to improve stabilization endurance and increase prime mover strength (the muscle that initiated and is the main source of motive power,) as well as improve overall work capacity, enhance joint stabilization and increase lean body mass. 

We achieve this through moderate weight and repetitions, and supersets of one strength exercise and one stabilization exercise per body part back to back with no rest time between.

In hypertrophy training, since the goal is increasing muscle size, we train using heavy weights, low to medium amount of set, and med to higher reps per set.


Fit Woman

Power Training

The goals of the power training phase are the sum of both stability and strength training. We are enhancing neuromuscular efficiency, prime mover strength, and rate of force production through supersets as fast as can be controlled.

When training clients on the importance of power, I remind them this is what helps them to quickly respond to an emergency situation like walking across the street and jumping out of the way before an accident.


Fit Girl

Heart and Lung Health

Cardiorespiratory fitness (cardio) is one of the most important components of health-related physical fitness. High levels of cardio are strongly linked to a reduced risk of heart disease and improved mortality. 

When cardio training, the US government recommends adults engage in 150 minutes a week of moderate-intensity activity to help improve their overall health and fitness and reduce their risk for developing numerous chronic diseases; over 300 minutes a week of moderate-intensity activity or 150 minutes a week of vigorous-intensity activity will gain even more health benefits.

The descriptions of fitness focus are shared from the National Academy of Sports Medicine. (NASM)

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