How my 10-day​ water fast turned into a 40-day​ water fast

I did a 40-day water fast. I did not plan to fast for 40 days, I just wanted to fast until the detox symptoms stopped.  It is quite interesting, to say the least, what the body does to heal itself and the number of toxins that are living inside us. I want to take a minute and discuss the emotion part. Since I had not ever done an extended fast before, I relied on only hearsay in preparation for the highs and lows. I also have some basic understanding of how my body works and

New Year, New Start

As 2018 approached, I remember feeling excited about all the year-end festivities and celebratory activities I planned for my family. I mean, I had events planned so tight that the advent calendar I created coincided with activities our church had going on, school events and even some community action. My plan was all about entertaining 7 kids home from school for 2 solid weeks. Well, that was all fine and dandy except I COMPLETELY forgot to make plans for 2018. I mean who do

What 6 Foods Burn Fat Best?

The beauty of our body is that it really can help heal itself, if we give it the right tools. That is where food comes in, food can be one of the most useful tools we have; in fact some doctors swear by food as a cure for major health issues.  So you must be wondering, which food does what and how much do I need to eat? First, let’s be clear, I am not a doctor or anything along those lines. I am a mom, a woman who wanted to lose a LOT of weight, KEEP IT OFF and actually be he

Core 3 Lifestyle

Purium Core 3, for daily maintenance of a healthy and energetic lifestyle. So what is in the Core 3 that makes it so special? Nothing. Seriously, there’s nothing special about it except that in one daily serving of the Core 3, you will be significantly helping to meet your recommended nutritional requirements. More probably than any of us have eaten in months, if not years.  The Power Shake has rice bran, activated barely, carrots, spirulina, wheatgrass, oat grass, alfalfa, L